A completely restored Colorado farmhouse with eight acres has been listed on Realtor in Colorado Springs for $1.6 million. The property has a total of 10 buildings. One of the most unique features is the silo bar.

Want to host weddings at the farm? It is possible with the two chapels. Plenty of room for large weddings is also possible with the gigantic outdoor patio that features a brick wall stage.

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A historic site, the Steppler Historic School House, is also located on the property. Check out the photos of this amazing farm property located in Colorado Springs listed for $1.6 million:

$1.6 Million Colorado Farm Features Chapel and Silo Bar

This eight-acre farm features 10 buildings that include a historic school house, and two chapels.

If you would like to learn more about this 10 building, eight-acre farm in Colorado Springs located at 16910 Thompson Road, you can see the listing in its entirety HERE.

Source: Realtor

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