When you take a vacation, you want to get away; sometimes that means not too far away but definitely someplace different. That's where these Colorado tiny houses come in.

A tiny house out on a horse ranch, another in the heart of Golden. One near Downtown Loveland, another that doesn't even have indoor plumbing. These are 10 tiny houses that you'll walk away with great memories from.

A few of these houses really seem like a 'tiny home away from home;' a few give you that 'were are out on an adventure, Honey!' feel. Does less square footage mean more fun? That seems to be the case with the tiny houses rental market still being 'on fire.'

Most of these cost about $125 per night, though some might seem pricier than you'd expect. However, the one that is way up a mountain, without plumbing, is $115, and I think that's just about right. I wouldn't spend more than $120 to have to 'go' outside.

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Some will look at a few of these and say, 'that's adorable,' while others may look at the same ones and say, 'hard pass;' it can be subjective. You have to know what you're looking for, and what you're willing to sacrifice for a unique time away from home.

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With a list of 10, you can put together a 'bucket list' of tiny houses you'd like to stay at on your next Colorado vacation. They are all worth talking about beforehand, and (I'll bet) afterward as well.

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Colorado is a pretty big state with a wide variety of people who occupy it, each bringing their unique take on what others may be seeking in a tiny house stay.

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