Hi, and welcome to Colorado, where we love to hate on out-of-state transplants and people who like craft beer, even though we are all out-of-state transplants who drink locally-brewed IPAs.

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For real though, is anyone more proud of their state than Coloradans (cue 'Obsessed' by Mariah Carey)? With that, however, comes our incredible ability to poke a little fun at ourselves, and of course, rag on people from Boulder.

There are a handful Instagram accounts that crush Colorado memes, including @colfaxthings, @tron_denver, @i70things and @roostermag, nailing everything from I-25 construction zones, to predictably unpredictable weather, to Casa Bonita ⁠— things that only someone who lives in the Mile High could truly relate to.

10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Life in Colorado

Raise your hand if you have (unintentionally) parked on I-70. *raises hand*

Like I was saying... 

I mean, what's a non-odd distance from I-25?

Drinking game: Take a shot every time you see 'The Moab' in NoCo. Actually, please don't. 


'It's that time of the year when'...

We see you, I-25 North Express Lanes Project. 

Do you feel seen?

Do you. Feel. Seen?

I'll go to Meow Wolf when they get a sopaipilla flag. 

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