Love is in the air all throughout Northern Colorado. However, nothing matches up to the love that we sometimes see on Craigslist and their "missed connections" page.

What exactly is a "missed connection"?

According to Wikipedia, it is a personal advertisement which occurs after two people meet each other but are too shy to exchange phone numbers.

However, the ads on Craigslist take it to a completely new level, with people writing them even if they have never talked to the other person before!

Yeah, it screams romance doesn't it?

Well here here 10 missed connections recently posted on Craigslist-Northern Colorado that you should be aware. Why? Well reason one so you know there are some weird people out there. But most importantly...what if one of these advertisements is about YOU?

Check these out. You never know how your secret admirer may try to find you!


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    So many gorgeous women at Walmart - m4ww (greeley)

    "Wow,so many gorgeous women at Walmart,I was at Wal-Mart last night and I couldn't keep my eyes on one there were so many with big bootys wow."

    Looks like it was a bootython at Walmart the night this guy was picking up his Axe body spray.

  • Jupiterimages

    locked eyes from my motorcycle - m4w (foco)

    "You definitely caught me looking, idk. My eyes got stuck. Figure this is worth a shot right..

    Let me know the color of my bike or what you did. Or just lead with a pic? :-P"

    Because there are no other motorcycles driving through Northern Colorado. Should be very simple to find this person.

  • Credit: Dave Jensen, TSM
    Credit: Dave Jensen, TSM

    Blinded by your light - m4w (Northern Colorado)

    "We work at the same company and pass each other every once in a while when I go to lunch in the cafeteria. You are always busy and we just share "hellos". You are beautiful and there is very little private time to say anything to you. I ran into you at the hillside King Soopers last weekend. I just got back from a hot 6 hour road trip and was burned. You said hello and and asked about work? I said that it was ok and then totally couldn't place where I knew you from. You were not in your uniform and your hair was down. You were killing it with your short shorts and tight fitting t shirt. I was blinded,lol. We parted and I racked my brain trying to remember where i knew you. It finally hit me and I went looking for you all thur the store but you had left. I just wanted to write this to you to let you know how hot that day was."

    Were you blinded by her light...or the sushi she may have been buying at King Soopers that day?

  • kzenon

    Let's talk over coffee - w4m (Loveland)

    "You made me an offer to come by to see if I'd be interested in working in your home as a housekeeper but you never gave me your number so if by chance you read this contact me and I'll give you my information and we can go have coffee and make an arrangement to help each other out. Day?? Time?? Let's make this happen."

    My guess is there's going to be more to the cleaning than just the house.

  • ThinkStock

    Pouder pet and feed - m4w (Windsor)

    "Ok I know there no chance you see this but maybe. So you where working the other morning I came in bought some unusual food. You help and I must say you are so amazingly beautiful. Like wow. Had I been alone I'd said something. And know I was not with the girlfriend but tell me who I was with."

    First's POUDRE. Not Pouder. And at that time you weren't with the girlfriend? My guess is that the dog food was for yourself.

  • Paul Vasarhelyi
    Paul Vasarhelyi

    Orderup driver in Silver or Gray truck - w4m (Greeley)

    "You are a orderup driver in Greeley and you drive a silver/gray truck. I saw you the other day when I was eating at The Outback/Boomerangs and tonight you delivered to my house/apartment. When I opened the front door, you were in your truck still and we made eye contact on the spot. It seemed like there was something....maybe? But all too soon you were gone. I wish I could get to know you better. Maybe you will see this...who knows right?"

    Looks like OrderUp delivers some romance to your home as well as delicious boneless wings these days.

  • Wavebreakmedia Ltd
    Wavebreakmedia Ltd

    neighbor lady - m4w (Loveland)

    "Your my neighbor. We live in Loveland. I'm younger then you. Always wondered if you wanted more.... Tell me what we have talked about and if your interested in a younger man like myself."

    Neighbor lady narrows down the search completely in a city the size of Loveland. Also, it's you're. Not your. Yes, the grammar police is blocking you from love as well.

  • CMH-90, Flickr
    CMH-90, Flickr

    Long shot here - m4w (Foco)

    "I saw you in Wal-Mart yesterday and I was with my sister. myself and another lady and my sister complimented how thick your hair was in the check out line, I so wanted to ask you for your number but hey it was Wal-Mart and everyone wants to get out of there... then I saw you again today at the king soopers gas pumps right next to me and we did lock eyes, but again I wanted to ask you for your number to talk, you're gorgeous, hopefully you see this and respond, and hopefully you're single.. if it is you tell me whst color your truck is.. I hope I hear from you please"

    Looks like Walmart has been busy with missed connections recently!

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    Bailey from Tour de Fat - m4w

    "We had a great time at tour de fat on Saturday and would love to talk again. Your name is Bailey, had glasses and beautiful tattoos on each thigh but I can't seem to find you on Facebook. We sadly didn't exchange numbers but if you happen to find this please contact me."

    I was wondering when I would see my first Tour de Fat missed connection. Admittedly, I am pulling for this person. 

  • Todd Harding, TSM
    Todd Harding, TSM

    Horsetooth girl in the blue bikini - m4w

    "Hola Chica hola. You were on a paddle board, I was fishing from the rocks. We were both checking each other out. I really wanted to cliff dive into the water and swim after you! If you see this hit me up I'll take you on a proper date, I know a awesome Italian place. you are beautiful darling."

    If you're wondering why you're single, it may be because of the way you start your conversations.

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