Adoption Dreams Come True does some pretty incredible work.

The stories are moving. The families they've helped form are a blessing. I love being able to enjoy their yearly celebration and fund raise with them.

This year, a very young singer songwriter named Emma Marie really blew the crowd away. Her voice is beautiful, and her songwriting is genuine and simple. Some of history's best songs, in my opinion, weren't good because they were so complicated. They didn't try to be too clever. They are genuine and they say what they mean simply.

I heard a lot of that in her set on Saturday night. I Periscoped it and loved seeing the hearts populate my screen.

And, she's already flying to LA to make music videos.

Plus, we had a great time and raised all kinds of money for an organization that has been placing kids in need with adopting families for ten years! Adoption Dreams Come True and Cindy Sarai have been doing their great work for a decade.