It's been a while since I have been this excited for new shows coming to TV. After watching as many trailers as I could find, here are the 13 new shows I'm most excited about. We have all experienced that new show we are excited about that ends up getting canceled after the first season. I'm still upset about the cancellation of 2011's science fiction show Tera Nova. Never heard of it? Reason number one that it most likely got canceled-- even with Stephen Spielberg attached.

Needless to say, I'm sure many of these shows won't make it out of the first season, as we have all become all too accustomed to that heartbreak. So here's to an optimistic future of some great and exciting new television. This year appears to be the year of "time travel," with three shows on my list having to do with time machines. There is one sports show I'm excited about, however, I'm trying to remember the last sports TV show "hit" outside of Friday Night Lights. There are a few "remakes" based on movies and TV shows, family comedies, and new political and medical dramas.

So here is a list of the new shows coming to TV in 2016 that I'm planning on checking out, for at least the first episode.

Pitch: Fox - Being a baseball fan, this is the story of the first woman to make it to the Major Leagues.

The Good Place: NBC - Staring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson, this is a story of a woman who was not a good person in life, that is mistakenly accepted into Heaven.

Timeless: NBC - Being a huge history buff, the idea of someone intent on destroying America by changing history with a time machine is intriguing.

Speechless: ABC - This one is a sleeper, in my opinion, starring Minnie Driver as a mother intent on provided a normal life for her son who has cerebral palsy. This one looks like it will make you laugh as much as it will make you cry.

Making History - Fox: Another time travel show, this one in the vein of Hottub Time Machine. Unfortunately, I'm thinking this one may be the first to go on my list.

Lethal Weapon: The first "remake" on my list is a retelling of the hit movie franchise of the same name. Starring Damon Wayan as Murtaugh, this can either be a huge smash or an epic letdown.

MacGyver: CBS - The next "remake" is biased on the 80's TV show of the same name. I'm honestly a little underwhelmed by the trailer, however, I will be checking it out if for sentiment alone. But I may not make it past the first episode if they don't grab me.

The Great Indoors: CBS - Starring the immensely funny Joel McHale and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. This show just showed up on my radar and takes several jabs at the "wussification" of America... and that's right up my ally.

Man With a Plan: CBS - Matt LeBlanc returns as a father who is making the transition to stay-at-home-day when his wife goes back to work. This may be my new favorite show.

Pure Genius: CBS - This is a show about a tech billionaire who uses his wealth to create a private state-of-the-art hospital. From the outside, this looks like the ultimate philanthropic endeavor, however, as things unfold it turns out that the opening of the hospital came with alterer motives. BTW, this cast looks amazing!

American Housewife: ABC - Staring Katy Mixon from Mike and Molly, this is a look into the life of a woman that I'm sure many can relate too.

Time After Time: ABC - Yet ANOTHER time travel show, this one follows H.G. Wells as he follows Jack the Ripper to the future after he steals Wells's time machine. Out of all the time travel shows, I think this one has the best chance to make it.

Designated Survivor: ABC - Staring Emmy and Golden Globe winner Kiefer Sutherland. This follows a low-level cabinet member who is thrust into the Presidency after a terrorist attack on Washington takes out the President and all the successors above him.