Earlier this week, the 2020 XXL Freshman class was unveiled, revealing the 12 rappers who earned a spot on the coveted cover. NLE ChoppaPolo GCalboyLil TjayFivio ForeignBaby KeemJack HarlowRod WaveChikaMulattoLil Keed and this year's 10th Spot winner, 24kGoldn, join the ranks of rhymer's stamped as "next up."

While this year's class holds some of the biggest breakout stars in rap over the past 12 months, not everyone is here to welcome these students of the rap game with open arms. The 2020 Freshman class participates in XXL's Mean Comments to clap back at the most unsavory remarks made by fans that talked trash back when these rappers were either pitching to become apart of the class earlier this year or sent out random hating comments via social media.

Kicking things off, Memphis newcomer NLE Choppa took a gentler approach to a mean comment aimed at him, responding to a hater on Instagram, who wrote, "Why is this clown the first person we see?" The 17-year-old rapper questioned who agreed with the social media user. "He got 89 likes on it," Choppa said. "Y'all agree with him? See, the other folks ain't have no likes on they comment, right. Look at him though, he got 89 of ’em. Y'all don't want to see me?"

Chika's reply to an unhappy fan that said she looked like a librarian prompted a clever answer. "You know what, I'ma take that ’cause yeah, I read you niggas every single day on the internet," she fired back. "It's all I do is drag y'all on Twitter. That's all I have time to do. So thank you. I hope I remind of a librarian, bitch."

Polo G got straight to the point and issued a "Fuck you" to a fan who wrote, "lol, Polo G sounds like a regular rapper to me." The Chi-town native uttered the two words to the commenter trying to dim his shine.

Meanwhile, Mulatto took her diss with grace, and gave it right back to a hater who wrote, "Just cus it need a female face, don't mean it gotta be you." The ATL-bred rapper showed love to her fellow female rappers before saluting herself on her victory. "Listen, it's a lot of females running it right now," Mulatto began. "We running as a whole, so, you right, it don't gotta be me. It could be anyone of my sisters, period, with your mad ass. But it is me, shoulda, coulda, would, bitch."

Nobody can stop Fivio Foreign's "aye aye aye," not even a critic claiming the New York native doesn't have enough music to qualify for this year's list. "Only has one good song," the Instagram user wrote. "You got no good song," Fivi responded. As his brief statement continued, the "Big Drip" rapper went on to celebrate his "one" song that landed him on the Freshman cover.

When it comes to Jack Harlow, he felt the burn by being compared to Drake's son and even being accused of ruining the entire season if was picked. "Bro, if this pussy wins, your gonna fuck the whole season up," one person wrote. But instead of getting in his feelings, Jack accepted that he can't please everybody. "Well, the season's fucked up then," he clapped back, celebrating his accomplishment.

The other 2020 XXL Freshmen, including Calboy, Lil Tjay, Rod Wave, Lil Keed and 24kGoldn, also sound off on their haters. Check out XXL's Mean Comments featuring some of the 2020 class below.

Meet the 2020 XXL Freshman Class

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