As the Cameron Peak Fire inches towards full containment, the Larimer County Sheriff's Office has released damage assessment totals from the fire.

The Cameron Peak Fire started in mid-August and has burned nearly 209,000 acres as of this writing. Here are some of the Damage Assessment Team's findings:

469 structures were impacted.

  • 224 residential structures were destroyed and 4 sustained damage.
  • 42 of the residential structures impacted were primary residences.
  • 220 outbuilding were destroyed and 4 sustained damage.
  • 17 business structures were impacted

From the press release:

There may be impacted structures the assessor’s office was not aware of and therefore were not assessed. The DAT was also not able to find contact information for owners of all properties with confirmed damage. If you discover damage to your property and you were not officially notified, please email the Larimer County Office of Emergency Management at with your name, address, and current telephone number.

From Sheriff Justin Smith:

As the community comes together to support those who suffered property loss, we stand with them. We feel the pain of being displaced and not having a home to go back to. In the midst of this hurt, I am so proud of the deputies, firefighters, and a variety of other officers from many law enforcement agencies who heroically evacuated thousands and thousands of people and made sure that no one felt the pain of losing a loved one to this fire. It was an amazing effort, and I am thankful.

Get the latest on the Cameron Peak Fire HERE.

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