1,000's of toys, collectibles, and people were at The Ranch on October 2, 2021, for Loveland Lions Club's Timber Dan Toy Show.

I didn't know exactly what to expect when I paid $5 for my first Timber Dan Toy Show that the Lions Club has been putting on twice a year since 1989, one in spring and one in fall.

It's still pretty vague on why they call it 'Timber Dan;' a Lions member in Loveland, who was from Minnesota offered up the idea of an antique toy snow and he called it a 'Timber Dan.' That's about all the information. Hmmm.

I walked into the FNBO Exhibition Hall at The Ranch and was immediately drawn into the massive amount of toys, games, and collectibles. Yes, there were lots of cars- die cast, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, etc, but toy cars just scraped the surface.

I was amazed at the amount of time if must have taken most of these vendors to set up their 'booths' for a one-day, six-hour event. Most of these folks brought hundreds of items to display and sell; it must have taken them six hours, just to set up.

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While a lot of the items were a little expensive, I saw many items selling for under $5, even under $1. They had newer toys/collectibles as well, I even picked up a new plush toy for my young grandnephew.

I highly recommend going to the next Timber Dan, but in the meantime check out all these great items I found.

25 of the Great Toys & Collectibles from Loveland Lions Club's Timber Dan Toy Show (Fall 2021)

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