Some people name their pets something normal, like Chip (okay, I'm biased, this is my dog's name). Other people name their pets something weird, like Taco Bell the Beast.

Names like the latter have inspired a Twitter account called @petfindernames, which compiles some of the most, uh, unconventional names found on Petfinder — a website that helps people find adoptable pets in their area.

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Some of the pet monikers featured on the @petfindernames' Twitter account are truly insane. Between the dog named HE IS MONSTER HUGE!!!!!! and the cat named Alaska (TF) Thunder F***, it's hard to choose the craziest.

I often spend my free time scrolling through Twitter (don't judge me), and accounts like @petfindernames always make me smile. But my latest scrolling escapade got me thinking — what kind of crazy pet names do we have here in Colorado?

A quick trip to Petfinder showed me that there is a lot. The names I discovered aren't quite as crazy as HE IS MONSTER HUGE!!!!! or Alaska (TF) Thunder F***, but they are pretty entertaining.

Some of them are named after food, some of them are named after iconic television characters, some of them are named after celebrities, and some of them have questionable human names (apologies if your name is Jeff or Kevin).

But that's not even the best part. All of these pets are available for adoption and looking for loving homes. You can find them for yourself by searching for their names on Petfinder — and don't worry, this list doesn't just feature cats and dogs.

From dogs to cats to an unfortunately-named pig, here are 26 Colorado pets with laugh-out-loud funny names on Petfinder:

26 Colorado Pets With Laugh-Out-Loud Funny Names on Petfinder

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