It only makes sense that a hotel so famously known for being the inspiration for 'The Shining' would wrap its arms around films and the filmmaking industry.

The Carriage House, on the grounds of The Stanley Hotel, has been going under renovations, with Post Chicken and Beer coming in and a theater expected, as part of this first phase of The Stanley Film Center. According to the Denver Gazzette, phase two is now set to get off the ground.

The Stanley Film Center will be epic. It won't just be a place to see films, it will celebrate films. I think that excites me, the most. Though they will pay closer attention to horror films such as 'The Shining,' they'll be highlighting the entire industry. They'll have movie-production facilities, exhibits, and more. The center will also shine a spotlight on other art and literature.

By the early part of 2023, The Stanley Film Center will be in operation, with not only fans of film coming to the center, but filmmakers and industry leaders, as well.

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Perhaps, Stephen King himself will be at the grand opening of the center. Maybe they'll have big premieres of new horror-based films there. That would be fun to see the red carpet rolled out at the place known for 'Redrum.' It gives me chills; in a good way.

Get more on the 'Big Picture' on the new film center from the Denver Gazzette HERE.

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