Sometimes life gets noisy, right? Especially after this last year, we've all been searching for those gems of destinations that aren't crowded with people. If you're mapping out a road trip, you crave a long drive and change of scenery, or you've just gotta go get the 'Gram, there are a few places off the beaten path that you can grab a decent bite that aren't truck stops.

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Colorado can either have some of the most gorgeous landscapes you've ever seen, or it can be an extension of Kansas. But, admittedly, a few of these remote eastern locations have now landed on my bucket list — looking at you, I-70 Diner.

Whether you're holding it down in BFE (for the record, I have no idea what that means), kickin' it in the sticks, the boonies, no-man's land, from the plains, to the heart of the Rockies to quiet campground towns, here are five of the best restaurants in the middle of Colorado's 'nowhere' that may be worth the stop.

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