The city of Fort Collins had it's fair share of new restaurants opening up in 2016 throughout the city, but which ones proved to be the best?We had a chance to take a look at Yelp to see how the restaurants that opened up in the past year fared, and I must say that I walk away quite impressed with the results that we saw!

Between the near completion of the renovation of Foothills on South College Avenue, or some of the new restaurants that turned up on Harmony Road, Fort Collins had it's fair share of new development over the past 365 days.

And with the expansion of Krazy Karl's on Timberline and the development of Harmony Commons which will include newer options, 2017 stands to have it's share of great food embarking on the city as well.

Without further wait, here are the five new restaurants in Fort Collins that stood above the rest in 2016. If you haven't checked these out yet, definitely make it happen and see if you agree with their placement on the list!




  • Credit: Waltzing Kangaroo Facebook Page
    Credit: Waltzing Kangaroo Facebook Page

    Waltzing Kangaroo (West Elizabeth)

    According to Yelp, the Waltzing Kangaroo is not only the best NEW restaurant of 2016, it is also one of the best in the entire city. It has received 48 reviews on Yelp, and has a FULL five starts out of all of those reviews. As one reviewer states, "Love this brand new Australian restaurant in Campus West. Amazing savory pies and incredible deserts. All made fresh on the premises. Great value for lunch, breakfast and dinner. Try the lamb and rosemary pie or the brekkie pie. And don't forget the caramel slices! The local beers and Australian lager are awesome too."

    Go ahead...try it. You won't be disappointed!

  • TSM

    Waffle Lab (West Olive)

    Yes, we know that the Waffle Lab has had their food truck around the city for a few years now. But they opened up their stand alone restaurant in 2016, so you may wonder if the great food of the truck translates to the store. Well, it does. Completely. And they get 4.5 stars out of 77 reviews. Here is what one reviewer said of the new Waffle Lab restaurant, "Today I stopped into the store front for the first time, as I have been living in Denver ever since it opened. Holy crap. I love this place. Tried the voodoo monkey today to step outside of the box and it was to die for. Also got the chicken and waffles because I lack any and all self control. Brought the girlfriend along on my waffle lab escapade today for the first time and she had the big poppa. Maybe a little heavy on the cream cheese but heck, that's like not really something I've ever complained about! Waffle lab was the best food truck in town, without a doubt. Now they are in the big leagues. Competing with some HEAVY competition as one of the best breakfast eateries in town is not an easy task but these guys are up for the challenge. Long live waffle lab! May the gravy gods bless your business for many, many years to come!"

    I agree...HAIL WAFFLE LAB!

  • Credit: Justin Tyler/TSQ
    Credit: Justin Tyler/TSQ

    Bad Daddy's Burger Bar (Foothills)

    Bad Daddy's has been opening up locations throughout the state of Colorado, and has a great location at Foothills located next to the green/ice skating rink. But does their food and service match up to what you may expect. According to Yelp, and my experiences, very much so. I love having the ability to create my own funky burger which could also have buttermilk fried bacon on top of it. Yeah...I said it. BUTTERMILK FRIED BACON. As one reviewer on Yelp says, "The best burger bar in Fort Collins. Their burgers are to die for. They are always fresh, made to order and delicious. They have a nice range of toppings and sauces to choose from. Hard to beat. Do try one of the spiked milkshakes. Killer! Service is good. And they have a decent set of brews on tap as well."

    Oh yeah...I forgot the milkshakes. Mmmmm...

  • Credit: Locality Kitchen and Bar Facebook Page
    Credit: Locality Kitchen and Bar Facebook Page

    Locality Kitchen and Bar (Harmony Road)

    Locality Kitchen and Bar is the newest kid on the block on our top five list, but everyone has been impressed with their food and service since they first opened up this Fall. If you're looking for the right location when it comes to a date night, or just a casual atmosphere to catch up with friends, Locality is perfect for it. As one reviewer on Yelp states, "I've never been more impressed by a new dining establishment. This place has it together like it's been open for years rather than just the few weeks. I could go on and on about the level of service and the sheer innovation happening with the food, but I doubt I could do this place justice. Go see for yourself!"

    Definitely see it for yourself, and see why Locality will become a Fort Collins staple for years to come.

  • Credit: Himalayan Bistro Facebook Page
    Credit: Himalayan Bistro Facebook Page

    Himalayan Bistro (Front Range Village)

    The Himalayan Bistro took the spot of the former HuHot in Front Range Village, and many Fort Collins residents have found this to be the perfect spot for great food. Plus they are open for both lunch and dinner, giving you many opportunities to try them out. They get 4.5 stars out of 27 reviews on Yelp, and as one reviewer states, "Great restaurant - the food was delicious and thoughtfully prepared.  I spent 6 weeks in Nepal and Nepalese food is my favorite genre, so I often try to find good Nepalese and Indian restaurants.  I thought the food was authentic and am very pleased that this restaurant is here!  It was also nice to see Tibetan noodle dishes and other interesting options on the menu. I also loved the atmosphere, it was so calming with a beautiful mural and very friendly staff.  I will be back for sure!".

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