Really, I just don't understand why people are so mean to Kyle Clark, 9NEWS anchor and host of 'Next.' LEAVE. KYLE. ALONE. Or, don't. Because he handles haters in the best way -- by being an unwavering smartass


Sure, who doesn't like to egg on the local news anchor with a photo of snow-covered patio furniture? I'm guilty of that, even though the joke is so old by now, I'm sure Clark regrets it every time it snows in Colorado. Sorry, man. I'll cool it... for now.

I'm going to get serious. I have a lot of respect for Clark. It's not easy to be in the media and have people you don't know say unkind things about you online. I rarely get it -- but when I do, it does hurt. Clark on the other hand, deals with trolls daily. He deserves to be on a round of Mean Tweets.

However, if there is one person who can take (unwarranted and sometimes cruel) online criticism not only with grace, but with a damn good clap back, it's Kyle Clark. Don't take my word for it, though.

1) Like this morning, when someone tweeted: '@KyleClark What is it about you that is so annoying?'
Kyle, this guy is annoyed by how damn fine you look in a blazer, as any man should be. 2) Want Kyle Clark off of 9NEWS? Eh, he doesn't care.  
So passive aggressive. Love it. 3) Oh, and speaking of Adele Arakawa's exit, we now know the real reason... 

We respect a man who can serve up sarcasm. 4) I'm not really sure this was even an insult. Hey, if you want to fantasize about Kyle Clark in drag... well, to each their own. Either way, don't throw shade if you can't handle getting it back, dude. 

5) And then... of course, a snow-on-patio-furniture joke. Kyle, you must be tired. So, so tired.

 Slow. Clap. Kyle Clark, an inspiration to us all. Keep it up. 

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