Oh, Colorado. We're pretty AND we're funny. These Imgur photos were snapped in our great state... but we kind of don't even need to tell you that.

5 Photos That Are So Obviously 'Only in Colorado'

For most of my life, not smoking cigarettes indoors in Colorado has been a no-brainer...this, on the other hand, is some needed clarification.

Because Colorado

Well, that's going to piss off a few vegans...

You Were Practically Asking for This, Colorado

Prom photos are the worst, but thankfully, the event coincides with tornado season. Unfortunately, these two teens were never heard from again.

Best Prom pic ever. Posed in front of an EF2 Tornado in Colorado

Ah. Clever, clever marketing, Totinos. They know Colorado loves to bake.


OK, so this could have been taken anywhere, I guess. But, it was taken in Vail, and we can't help but love the little drawing, probably made by a laid-back gas station attendant a few Totinos pizza rolls in -- if you know what I mean. Five stars.

SMH! Vail Colorado ⛷️????????

You can see even more of the best Colorado pics from Imgur here.

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