Have you noticed yourself tending to "race" the green lights throughout the city of Fort Collins because of how quick they tend to turn red? You're not the only one.

I know that I have found myself counting how many seconds it takes for a light to go from "green" to "yellow", and I will also admit that I have probably cut it very close on trying to beat the light from turning to "red".

However, it's tough to not race these lights when you know that the amount of time you have to get through them is minimal.

That's why we have compiled five of the fastest lights in Fort Collins, that we have all noticed while driving in the city. Believe me, this doesn't mean that there are only five quick lights. We could probably add at least another five to this list.

But these are the ones you should always be mindful of. Have any other quick lights that you want to add to the list? Let us know below!


  • 1

    Stop Light @ Walmart/Costco in Timnath

    Have you ever wanted to get a coffee from the Starbucks in Timnath during rush hour traffic, however feel like you need to avoid it because of how many lights you may need to wait for? If you're driving eastbound on Harmony, and need to take a left turn into the Walmart/Starbucks parking lot, make sure you're prepared to step on the gas pedal. This morning I counted how long the turn signal stayed green, and it was a grand total of seven seconds. Just enough for two cars to go through because the first car was too busy checking their cell phone. Here's a tip...if you're first in line, MOVE IT.

    Credit: Google
  • 2

    Intersection of Taft Hill and Harmony

    As one contributor states, he times that light to stay green for a grand total of 16 seconds. The kicker is that it stays red for four minutes while you are waiting. Is it really that busy of an intersection to not only have a wait that long, but also for it to only stay green for that short period of time?

    Credit: Google
  • 3

    Intersection of JFK and Horsetooth

    Wanting to turn left from JFK Parkway onto Horsetooth to head westbound. Make sure your foot is ready for the gas pedal to step down on it, as this turn light has been clocked at switching to yellow in three seconds.

    Yes. You read that right. THREE SECONDS.

    Credit: Google
  • 4

    Intersection of Riverside and Lemay

    The issue with this light may not be that it only stays on green for short period of time (although some people still consider this an issue). The big thing we heard was that the yellow light at this intersection is VERY quick. You'll literally still be looking at a green light as you enter the intersection, and the next thing you know...it has turned red. I have a feeling that many expletives have been thrown at this light.

    Credit: Google
  • 5

    Intersection of West Elizabeth and Shields

    Of course, with all the construction going on at this intersection right now, it's probably tough for you to remember how quick this light could be at times when you were turning from Shields onto Elizabeth. And going left from Elizabeth to Shields wasn't much better. Let's hope maybe something changes when the construction is done.