For the last two years it seems like all of our lives have revolved around election season, with some of us not being able to enjoy the things we did over that same span.

I think the possibility exists that some of us have had to abandon certain things that used to be part of our daily routine, all because the craziness that has gone on with the election talk.

Maybe you had to stop going to your favorite Fort Collins bar because all they talked about was the election, and everyone had to share their opinions on who they would vote for.

Facebook probably took a turn for the worse for you as well, and quite possibly may have lost you forever after everyone voiced their disdain for at least one and probably several candidates.

Either way, I think we're all hoping the world is a lot less argumentative once Wednesday rolls around.

Of course, that could all change if things are a lot closer than what they possibly could be.

That being said, here are five things you can go back to enjoying once the election season is over in Northern Colorado.

Tell us below what you are most looking forward to!

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