It's 70 degrees and sunny out today, which is pretty much what it was like on October 25, 2011, but the next day, we got nailed with snow... and one poor CSU student was struck by a tree branch while walking to class in Fort Collins.

We think she was OK... We hope she was OK.

We all remember it well in Fort Collins, because our fall trees still covered in golden leaves were just not ready for what was about to hit them -- over five inches of wet, heavy snow.

October 26 is almost like a holiday for anyone enrolled at CSU in 2011, because any Ram, past and present, can tell you that President Tony Frank will never call off class for snow days. Like, NEVER.

Meanwhile, in Colorado...

...Unless tree branches start falling, and the campus is considered a real hazard to students. Sure, it did take him until after a serious incident happened to make the call, but that day's gone down in history.

All joking aside, we really do hope she was alright; people have been seriously injured, and even died from accidents like that. All reports only reveal that she was a junior, and was hospitalized after being hit in the head, and we presume released.

But, what a crazy reminder of what Colorado seasons can be like -- and getting your feet soaked on the way to the bus stop isn't the worst thing to happen to you when you wish it was a snow day.