50 Cent has some serious questions for an African rapper who got a poorly done tattoo of Fif on his back.

On Wednesday (May 25), a rapper who goes by the name @showyoh237 on Instagram and appears to be from Cameroon posted a photo of a less than impressive portrait tattoo of 50 Cent that starts at his shoulder blades and goes all the way down to the small of his back. The rudimentary ink job is flanked by the words "Father and Son" and "50 Cent."

"Celebrate ur role models and Show them true love, so that you can also be Celebrate too in future!" he captioned the photo. "Showing true love to my father @50cent❣ My mentor in the music world."

On Friday (May 27), 50 Cent caught wind of the photo and posted it on his Instagram page along with a dumbstruck reaction.

"WTF, you go do boy?" Fif captioned the post. "I need the Best portrait Tattoo artist to fix this. @showyoh237 who did this shit man?"

50 mentioning the rapper apparently made the guy's year. He replied by reposting a screenshot of Fif's confused reaction.

"Ohhh God!!!! G WTF!!!!" Show Yoh captioned the post. "Can't believed what my eyes are seeing @50cent ma dad and all the way career just posted. I DID ALL THIS FOR LOVE OF THE FATHER AND INSPIRATION U HAVE IMPACTED IN ME. An YESS I’M READY TO FIX THIS ON GAD!"

This isn't the first time recently that a fan's rapper portrait tattoo has gone viral. Earlier this month, E-40 started trending on Twitter after a fan's awful portrait tattoo of the Bay Area rapper made it's rounds on the internet.

Check out the African rapper's 50 Cent tattoo and Fif's reaction below.

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