When I was 9 years old, I was...well, let's just say I wasn't thinking THIS much, or doing the incredible things that this young lady from Golden is doing and getting recognized for...in a big way.

According to KDVR,  a 9-year-old from Golden is celebrating after she was granted a patent for her invention called the Lovie Window Backpack, which has a clear pocket on the outside that allows kids to see their stuffed animals during the day at school.

I also think this would be neat for grown-ups, too. I think my wife could use a clear pocket on her purse so she actually see all of the crap she shoves in there without having to dump it out every time to look for something...but I digress.

Adele Fulton got the idea in preschool. She came home feeling sad that she could not see the stuffed animals or “lovies” in her backpack during naptime.

Fulton and her dad, who is also an inventor, made a prototype. They launched a Kickstarter campaign, and filed for a patent.

Then the big news came. Fulton was granted a patent.

The Lovie Window also lets kids display their personality by showing other items that are important to them. You can check it out for yourself: the family has a website where they are selling the backpacks for $24.99.

The Fultons are excited to see where this goes for their daughter, and for Adele herself, she's on to the next invention...finding a way to stop school chairs from tipping backward.

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