I'm not sure they have anything quite in his size, but the little fella is certainly having a great time running around and checking things out in the store.

Not gonna lie, I get pretty excited when I go into a Jax store as well, but this little goat has just taken things to a whole new level.

Seriously though, I love Jax so much, and I feel like I spend half of my paycheck there every month. I'm literally hopping and dancing through the store when I'm picking out some awesome gear...but I'm just not nearly as cute and adorable as a baby goat.

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My favorite Jax location is the one off North Highway 287. Shout out to the awesome staff there that always gets me to spend more money than I want to BUT...I always have the best gear for all of my outdoor adventures.

I'll be hopping in again sooner than later. It just won't be as cute as the goat.

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