Sure, Loveland has Sweetheart Vineyards, but what about one brand of wine that has a name that definitely makes you think of Loveland? This one could be it.

I was buying some beer in Fort Collins the other day, and at this particular liquor store, I found a bottle of wine that absolutely reminded me of Loveland.

Butternut Wines out of California.

Dave Jensen, TSM
Dave Jensen, TSM

The particular bottle I had found was their chardonnay. No matter, it's the brand name that's key. See, I grew up on Butternut (Drive) in Loveland, and when I saw this I said 'No Way!'

According to their video, they named the wine after the squash, not the street in Loveland. Dang.

I wonder if anybody who lives on Butternut has picked up a bottle of Butternut?

I also wondered what street name in Fort Collins would make a great wine name - then it hit me: 'Stetson Creek!''

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