The Denver Zoo has announced that a spotted hyena was euthanized last week after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.

Photo by Henrik Hansen on Unsplash
Photo by Henrik Hansen on Unsplash

Kibo, a 23-year-old spotted hyena, had been diagnosed with cancer in the throat and other surrounding organs last month. Kibo had undergone numerous treatments that included chemotherapy and radiation therapy in hopes that cancer could be slowed or stopped.

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The Denver Zoo states that the palliative radiation treatment that Kibo received did help in reducing the size of the mass significantly. The treatment also made Kibo more comfortable over the course of the month. Last week, the health of Kibo declined dramatically. Unfortunately, no other options for treatment to keep Kibo comfortable and happy remained. The team at the Denver Zoo made the hard decision for Kibo to be euthanized to not prolong the suffering the hyena was enduring.

Kibo the spotted hyena passed away with the animal care team that loved and cared for him according to the Denver Zoo's Facebook.

Kibo was one of the oldest spotted hyenas in an AZA-accredited zoo. The Denver Zoo welcomed Kibo in 2004 and was one of the very first residents of the Benson Predator Ridge Exhibit. Kibo has been described as an incredibly special, sweet, and intelligent hyena.

The post remembering Kibo from the Denver Zoo can be seen HERE.

Source: Denver Zoo Facebook


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