The restaurants of Fort Collins have been dropping like flies lately.

With the recent losses of Wild Boar Cafe, Larkburger, The Drunken Monkey, and The Downtown Artery, it seems like Fort Collins is taking a dive when it comes to food and drinks.

I, personally, am very upset that I can no longer stuff my face with mac n' cheese at Wild Boar. I am saddened that I can no longer swing and drink simultaneously at The Drunken Monkey.

You might be upset too, but don't despair. The above gems may be gone forever, but these newer and more modern restaurants are taking their place: acai bowl shops and juice bars.

Ohana Bowls, which originated as a food truck, is now a full-fledged shop at 514 S. College Ave. The store, which opened on October 11, serves up a healthy variety of acai bowls, dragon fruit bowls, and smoothies.

According to their website, the acai bowls are a superfood filled with antioxidants, fiber, calcium, and more.

Another new option is Nekter Juice Bar, a chain which opened its location at 3260 S. College Ave. on October 23. The store also offers acai bowls and smoothies, as well as six fresh juices.

On top of the in-store juice, customers can purchase detoxing juice cleanses online starting at $39.95.

Because why enjoy a burger and a beer when you can have fruit and some liquidated fruit?

Just kidding...these new stores offer fun and healthy food choices that I am excited to try. But I will definitely be inhaling mac n' cheese tonight in memory of Wild Boar.

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