The iconic Luke's Diner popped up all across the country this morning to serve free coffee, celebrating the sweet 16th anniversary of Gilmore Girls, and you know we were all over it. 

(Luke hates cellphones, so we took a car selfie.)

Any quick-witted sarcastic girl who grew up in the 2000s likely has Lorelai, Rory and Luke to credit for that attribute, whether you watched it on The WB every week, or caught the ABC Family reruns every afternoon after school.

Now, you can stream all seasons on Netflix, who will be launching a four-episode reunion on November 25. To get us even more excited, Netflix selected coffee shops across the country today to host pop-up Luke's Diners, to make all of our towns feel a little more Stars Hollow.

Unfortunately, none of our Northern Colorado towns were picked, so we headed north of the border to the Coffee Depot in Cheyenne for our complementary Luke's coffee (and sang Carole King on the way).

Crystal Shearer from the Coffee Depot on 15th Street said that she was contacted by Netflix to host a pop-up shop because it's a local shop, with locally-roasted coffee, making it a great location. Coffee Depot was the only shop selected in the state of Wyoming, and they did a great job pulling off the 'Luke.'

Check out the photos of Luke's Diner in Cheyenne, WY: