They had a party celebrating folks having the name 'Nigel' in the U.K. and invited all who wanted to come. One of the over 400 that did was from Colorado.

Recently in Fort Collins, Pateros Creek Brewing resurrected their 'SteveToberfest,' where everyone having the name Steve got a free beer. That ties right into this story about going a lot farther than Fort Collins for a free beer.

On Saturday, September 28, 2019, a pub in the U.K. hosted the second annual 'Nigel Night,' a gathering of fellows with the name Nigel. It started after the founder of the event saw that none of the babies born in 2016 in the U.K. were given the name Nigel.

They put out a Facebook post about the event which went viral and then caught the attention of a Nigel who lives in Denver. According to Yahoo Entertainment, his girlfriend started a crowding funding campaign to get him to the party.

Next thing you know, presumably with his passport in hand, our Colorado Nigel was one of the 433 Nigels at the event getting his free pint of beer. He was awarded 'Furtherest Traveled Nigel,' to boot.

When they were open, I used to go to Famous Dave's Barbecue in Fort Collins on the occasional Sunday when 'Daves' would get a free beer.

What fun things have you done revolving YOUR first name?

Get more on Nigel Night from Yahoo Entertainment HERE.

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