It's not uncommon to see wildlife mingle with us humans. Sometimes humans are lucky enough to have one of the many majestic creatures grace us with their presence at our home, at work, or in this case at a homecoming football game.

The Durango Demons were playing the Summit Tigers when suddenly the play was stopped by the referee before the snap due to a doe and a fawn frolicking on the field. Colorado Parks and Wildlife Southwest Region Tweeted out the whole spectacle that was captured on video. Of course, they had to add a bit of football commentary to the Tweet:

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It appears that the doe and the fawn had a great time playing on the field. Football players from both Durango and Summit threw up their arms proclaiming that the pair of mule deer have scored a touchdown.

The homecoming game resumed play and the Durango Devils pulled off a win against the Summit Tigers with an impressive score of 56 to 3.

For your viewing pleasure, here is another look at the action on the field from the mule deer in Durango.

The victory for the Durango Devils during homecoming was not the only celebration for the school as this year's homecoming parade was the first for the school in nine years.

Source: Colorado Parks and Wildlife Southwest Region Twitter

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