Colorado has its fair share of special license plates. From the Colorado Avalanche and Denver Broncos to Pueblo Chile peppers and State Parks. There is pretty much a plate for whatever Colorado thing you are into.

However, there is one specific type of license plate that some car enthusiasts want that Colorado does not have. Blackout license plates. Jordan Shaw wants to change that and has started a petition to make the license plates a possibility.

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The petition started by Shaw on states that many auto enthusiasts prefer the blackout plate style for aesthetics. Numerous states have some type of blackout option when it comes to license plates. New Mexico and California are two that come to mind right off the top of my head.

The petition on mentions that Colorado requires legislative action and needs to get a slot in the legislative field along with significant interest and support for the blackout Colorado license plate to become a reality. Of course, there are many other hurdles that the blackout plate could face in the future after getting past this point.

What Would a Blackout Colorado License Plate Look Like?

I am not a photoshop guru by any a long shot. However, we did a little mock-up of what a blackout Colorado license plate could look like:

Matt Sparx
Matt Sparx

I personally think that a black plate would look great on my Jeep or Toyota Tacoma, so I am certainly a supporter of this petition.  Want to learn more about the blackout license plate petition? You can see it at

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