Well you know what your parents always told you when you were a kid, (at least mine drilled this into my head) "if it doesn't belong to you, keep your hands to yourself."

Apparently there are a lot of people's parents that didn't tell them that or the more likely scenario, they were told but chose to not listen and just become awful human beings as adults.

The fact that there are so many individuals who in their brain think it's ok to see a package or packages on a stranger's porch and just help themselves to it is beyond me but sadly that's the case and Colorado just happens to be one of the worst states in the country for these "porch pirates", people that scan neighborhoods looking for packages on porches and simply swiping them.

In particular, Denver is really bad for this, in fact according to a report done by SafeWise recently, Denver overtook San Francisco as the city that had the most packages swiped off of porches with Denver Police reporting a whopping 939 packages were stolen in 2021 and the number seems to be climbing in 2022 as well.


Even with so many people having ring cams and security systems, these package thieves are just running up, grabbing packages and running off and quite frankly, it's a disturbing and disgusting trend.

It's extra important to keep in mind that while these numbers are for Denver, we are obviously a short distance from the Mile High City and there is no reason to believe we here in Northern Colorado should be any less diligent about making sure our packages are kept track of and brought inside as soon as possible or having a neighbor or friend pick it up for safe keeping until you can get it.

This woman was like. "nope" when she caught this porch pirate red handed but this can be a risky move because there are a lot of nut jobs in the world.


With the holidays coming up, the amount of packages that will be delivered on to porches is about to jump up significantly so use caution and don't leave any packages on your front porch for any longer than possible.



Check out these 10 ways to spoil porch pirates plans of swiping your stuff.


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