AC/DC front man Brian Johnson is your average ordinary bloke. He likes fast cars, fast women, rock and roll and cannons. But those cannons, as featured during the band’s powerful stages shows, aren’t always his best friend.

In a recent interview with Fox News, Johnson told of a few misadventures with the band’s signature stage props. “I could write a book about about standing under the cannon for 30 years.” he said. “These horrible sparks come out of them, at the end of the show I have burn markets all over my shoulders.”

There’s also been some hairy moments when it comes to the giant “Hells Bell” he scales and rings during their shows as well.  “A couple of times it’s been raining and I’ve had to run to get up to the rope.” he continues,  “There’s been a couple of dodgy times when I’ve slipped just before I launched myself. Other than that I’ve been fine.”

All in a day’s work for the rock veteran. “I try to give as much passion up there, and as long as I can keep in tune for the band I’m happy.” he adds. “It’s just a very singular band with very singular members.”

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