After dancing around the subject of a new album for most of the past year, it looks as though things are moving forward for AC/DC. Brian Johnson told Bay Area rock station 107.7 The Bone that he was expecting to meet up with the Young brothers in the coming weeks, and that usually signifies the beginnings of a record cycle.

The vocalist explained, “I’ll be getting together with [guitarist Malcolm Young] in a couple of weeks, and then we’re going to London to meet up with Angus [guitarist Young], hopefully. And that’s usually how we’ll start. We’re just a bunch of pals from the projects, still. Even though we’ve done well, we still have the same roots that we stick by that we did when we had nothing basically, and that’s the work ethic. And it has to be right for the boys to do anything.”

Johnson says discussions will definitely take place, but one key point always comes up. He explains that it’s important for the band to feel relevant and that they always make sure that they’re not “a pale shadow of our former selves” before advancing with material. He adds, “We’ll talk about it and make sure that we’ve all got it. We’re just five pieces of a card, and if one of us is not really [able to perform at 100 percent], the whole thing would just collapse I think.”

The singer says once the new album is done, he does expect to tour, but he adds that it probably won’t be as extensive as what they did for ‘Black Ice.’ He explains, “That was two years. I mean, that was just nuts. We were just fragged when we finished. I mean, it took about three weeks to get over it. But it was so much fun, though. For guys our age at the time, to our the world, to sell out audiences everywhere, it gives you a good feeling.” Johnson says he was particularly fond of the fact that there were young kids all the way up to fans of his own age, which shows the generational pull of their group.

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