I sure do love the people of Reddit, specifically the r/FortCollins subreddit, who never let you down when it comes to finding out more info about any subject matter whatsoever.

From the best or worst restaurants in town to finding stolen bikes or figuring out just who exactly the weird neighborhood cat belongs to, schedule yourself a few hours to read through the online treasure trove of our community that is the Fort Collins subreddit. You won't be disappointed.

A recent thread started by u/Subtle_Silence is a PERFECT example of the best of the best, asking simply: "What is your most controversial opinion about Fort Collins?"

Hundreds of Redditors stepped up to the mic and delivered some valid complaints. Many, many more took subtle shots at people for complaining about relatively harmless quirks of the city. And still many more commented on the complaints with even better responses or comebacks.

All of them are equally great in their own ways, and you can check out the thread in its entirety on Reddit - and should - but here's a selection of the best of the best.

Bless you, Fort Collins redditors for making the Foco world go round.

Actual People Give Hilarious Hot Takes on Fort Collins Quirks

People were asked on Reddit, "What is your most controversial opinion about Fort Collins?" And hundreds of people delivered. Check out the highlights below.

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