UPDATE 11-18-20: Flint has been adopted, Larimer Humane Society shared via Facebook on Monday. 

Flint, a working cat, was adopted by Friendly Critters Farm, a small, family-owned farm in Fort Collins. Flint's new owners sent an email update to the Larimer Humane Society explaining that after seeing Flint's story online, they wanted to give him a home on their farm and help an 'animal displaced by these awful fires.'

'Flint's story popped up on my Facebook feed and we decided right away he needed a home and we could provide that for him,' Nicole, his new owner, wrote. 'We are so grateful that he was given the medical attention he needed. With such a rough time, we are trying hard to help him trust humans and know that he is in a safe place. He is quickly understanding that this is a safe place and that he doesn't have to worry at all.'

How exciting it is to start a new week with positive news! As we updated you at the end of last week, it was great to...

Posted by Larimer Humane Society on Monday, November 16, 2020

You can see Flint's story below.

He was found in the Cameron Peak Fire, covered in ash and soot, with singed whiskers and burnt paws, but after being treated by veterinarians at Colorado State University, Flint, a working cat, is now available for adoption through Larimer Humane Society

Larimer Humane Society has attempted to locate Flint's owners, and he was kept through the holding period required for strays, but no one has claimed him.

Flint is a one-year-old Siamese cat, listed as a 'working cat,' meaning he needs a home, barn or shop outside of city limits, where he can have a job. He's not a 'cuddly companion' Larimer Humane said, but he needs a good home that will feed him and provide him with the care he needs.

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