Don’t let the title of one of his biggest hits fool you. Alice Cooper really is Mr. Nice Guy. In a video clip made for FuseTV, he took some time out of his busy golfing (and touring) schedule to dole out “rockstar advice” for fans who submitted questions on a variety of topics.

Several people asked for help with their relationship. Cooper, who has been married to the same woman for more than 35 years, was more than happy to oblige. To a man who was in a long-distance relationship, he said, “It’s called ‘the phone.’ It’s not called ‘taxts,’ OK? If you [have] a girlfriend, you call her. It’s more personal to call her…Texting is not sexy. It’s mechanical. You might as well be in love with the computer. Keep it romantic…Women love romance. Romance leads to sex. But get married first.”

Fairly solid advice, but not everything he said was as serious. Another man asked if he should accept that his girlfriend wanted to stop shaving her legs. Cooper dryly responded with, “I think it’s when she wants to stop shaving your legs is when you’re in trouble. Your legs are more important than her legs.”

Cooper also gave out career advice and was asked about the meaning of life. Check out the video below to hear what he has to say on those heady subjects.

Alice Cooper’s “Rockstar Advice”


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