Rock n’ roll, as well as politics, makes strange bedfellows. When we first heard that Alice Cooper covered Lady Gaga‘s ‘Born this Way‘ at Bonnaroo on June 9, we collectively scratched our heads. In a new interview, Cooper provides insight in to what he likes about the pop star.

Cooper, who recently complained about the lack of image in many of today’s bands, sees a lot of parallels between himself and Lady Gaga. “I kind of see her as a female Alice Cooper,” he told Mike Jones of DC-101. “What she does on stage is basically the same thing Alice Cooper does. I write the songs for a character. I play the character — you know, I sort of direct the whole thing. And that’s exactly what she does. When we first met, we kind of really clicked together as friends because we’re both in the same business.”

When Cooper encored with ‘Born this Way’ at Bonnaroo, he made a slight change to his usual stage presentation by creating a “Frankengaga.” As Cooper explained, “My normal Frankenstein, we decided to dress that character up as Lady Gaga — a 14-foot Lady Gaga, She loved it. She saw it and e-mailed us back and said she loved it.”

And even though Cooper said her music is “purely disco and pop,” he would have no problem collaborating with her. Dare we suggest that he rewrite the lyrics to the song he’s been covering as “Born Vince Furnier?”

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