From Paul McCartney to Ozzy Osbourne, pretty much every artist gets around to releasing an album of covers at some point — and it sounds like Alice Cooper is getting ready to join the list with his next LP.

BraveWords reports that its sources indicate Cooper is working on “a brand new album of cover songs that will be supported by a fresh show for the fall.” No further details are available yet, but that just means you have some time to sit and contemplate what an Alice Cooper covers album will sound like. Will he record other artists’ songs about pythons? Guillotines? Golf? The mind boggles.

Included in the same report is word that Cooper may also be prepping the release of a long-shelved concept album titled ‘Alice’s Deadly Seven.’ Written and demoed in the late ’90s with Oscar-winning film composer Alan Menken, ‘Seven’ was supposed to be a tour through the seven deadly sins, but it never moved past the early stages.

Menken described the project in a 2007 interview, saying, “This is one of those old-fashioned, big, fat concept albums. One of these days, if we stay healthy and live long enough, we’ll do it.” That day might be soon, according to BraveWords sources that describe the demos as sounding “great” and reminiscent of mid-’70s albums such as 1976′s ‘Alice Cooper Goes to Hell’ and 1977′s ‘Lace and Whiskey.’

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