It's been a long time coming and now, it's a reality. There is a luxury train that will be rolling from Denver to Utah...The Rockies to the Red Rocks of Moab.

According to CBS Denver, the train made its initial trip this past weekend and from the look of things, not only is the train itself a luxurious experience, the views are going to be absolutely stunning as the cars roll through some of the most beautiful country in the world.

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After leaving Denver, the train makes an overnight stop in Glenwood Springs and then continues into Utah with a final stop in Moab (which is one of the places I haven't been to but HAVE to see: perhaps this could be a way to get there).

I think this would be a wonderful getaway for the wife, although I'm not gonna lie, we're going to have to save up for a bit because it's $1200 per ticket. Yes, it's expensive, but it's kind of like one of those all inclusive deals you get with cruises where you get elaborate meals and wine. It's a destination and experience thing where you don't have to worry about driving, traffic, gas, buying food, etc...just sit back and enjoy the mountain views and wildlife views from huge windows.

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