They were reported missing by the male's cousin who'd last heard from them as they were headed to Las Vegas to 'pick up some drugs.' along with Deseret News out of Utah are reporting the finding of a couple on February 18, 2020, who'd been reported missing since early October of 2019.

The two are from Southern Colorado: Matthew Batterton, 38, from Pueblo and Risa Johnson, 51, of Colorado Springs.

They'd last been seen in Richfield, Utah on October 8. According to Deseret News, a cousin of Batterton called authorities when he hadn't heard from them in three weeks. He told them that Batterton had traveled to Las Vegas to pick up some drugs.

Nothing had been found of the couple or the car they were in until on February 18, 2020, when a Utah Department of Transportation worker was down in a ravine retrieving a road sign, just a couple of miles from the Colorado border along I-70.

Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) believes that the car went off the highway dropping 75 feet to the ravine, hitting a tree along the way which flipped the car upside down as it landed.

Both Batterton and Johnson had criminal records, with Batterton being a known drug trafficker. Inside the car, along with the two, they found a bunch of driver's licenses, bank cards, and a Social Security card.

No drugs were found in the car.

Because of the two's backgrounds, they'll be investigating the accident to make sure that no foul play was involved.

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