It is food. It is supposed to be the only food that a baby eats, but I completely understand if you don't go that way.

Affordable baby formula is one of the greatest advancements of all time. Without it, people actually die, or develop long term problems because of malnutrition. Formula is literally responsible for keeping generations of people alive.

But breast milk is better. Sorry, scientists, you are still no match for the great creator. Don't stop trying, but God is better. That really shouldn't make you insecure.

We only breast fed for our boy for four months, and it was a battle. It just never went well, with infections, latch problems, and pumping nightmares. So, I can see why many modern women just opt for formula. Especially with many doctors claiming that formula is just as good, a perfectly healthy substitute.

If our experience had gone smoothly and he seemed to be getting what he needed from it, my son (8 months now) would still be consuming breast milk.

And, were that the case, I would have been happy to assist my wife in breast feeding wherever she would please. Where she pleased was and probably still is in a nice private room, but were it in anywhere else, I'd be behind her.

When I see a woman breast feeding in public I think one thing—she is giving that baby food. Her breast is a snack pack. It's a bottle. That baby is eating. I don't become offended when I see anyone else eat, and I've seen some gnarly stuff, so I don't become offended when I see a mother feeding her child from her breast.

I also don't find it difficult to not really see anything when glancing by a woman who is breast feeding. Really, what is visible? The top of a breast and a baby's head? Even if you wanted to see nipple, you'd really have to time it and have a perfect angle. I see way more from women who are not giving their child food, every day, in person, not to mention in every digital space my eyes browse.

Not only that, but it's the most affordable, most nutritious, best thing that mother could possibly be giving that child. As a food source for a baby, the breast has no equal. It's not even a close race. Formula is amazing and wonderful and I feed it to my boy every day, but, all things considered, nature's product is always better.

If it were me doing the feeding, I would find the most convenient spot possible, and I would take into consideration what other people would see when I did it. If there is a good private spot, I kind of like those for such activities anyway.

At 5:03 in the video, Wendy says she would "go to the car" to do the feeding. Alyssa is taken aback. This is something on which I can agree with Wendy. But, it's not because I would be hiding anything. Rather, the backseat of my car is a spacious, comfortable, private spot that belongs only to me. It's my spot, no matter where it is parked. It is right next to his car seat in case I need to put him down, and I have the big diaper bag and all the things I'd need right there. In fact, here we are in my car, because when we are on the road during snack time, I hop in the back seat and give him his bottle there. If the source were a breast, it would be equally as comfortable.


But if all I have is a very public bench, you can bet I would do it right there, loud and proud.

So, overall, I'm on Alyssa's side on this one. Breast feed where and when you want. It's all good.

What do you think?