Do you give a scrap about DIY venues? So does Michael Gormley, aka “Blasti,” whose mission is to 1. Destroy “dad rock” and 2. Make the world a better place by creating a certified charitable, all age, DIY, punk rock, ethos, donation based, no alcohol venue, where no one is turned away for lack of money.  

Featuring more acts than just music, Gormley invites comedians, circus performers, drag queens, poets, and many other artists to share their talent, while encouraging guests to make their own art from a provided treasure trove of “never new unless necessary” art supplies which have been gently used and donated directly to the venue.  Located in the industrial district of Fort Collins, the Blast N Scrap venue currently operates out of Vindeket Foods, a non-profit dedicated to eliminating food waste. These shows provide and give away (free) food during shows and encourage you to take as much food as you would like home.

You can listen to the full interview with Blasti, in person, at the Blast n’ Scrap venue here:  

 *Note: Since this interview was recorded in person at Blast n’ Scrap, there is background noise 

As executive director and founder of Blast N Scrap , Gormley has seen the venue change form overtime. Starting as Cape Pals, this organization raises money by making capes for good causes. Inspired by his time as the caped “Blast Man” at Ween Tour, which celebrates experimental rock often adding elements from different genres to create fusion rock, Gormley and dedicated volunteers began this venture by making capes to raise money for Gormley’s mechanic’s daughter, who had leukemia (now in remission), stating it was “the nicest thing I’ve ever done in my life for a stranger.” Next, Gormley created Scrapyard Garb, which helps make merchandise for bands who do not make money off of physical copies by using repurposed materials, like t-shirts and salvaged screen-printing ink, at the lowest possible cost without creating more pollution. His biggest creation to date is his collaboration with the now defunct Who Gives a SCRAP store, a combination of a donation-based retail shop and a maker's space, which allowed customers to find and make a variety of unique, one-of-a-kind items, in addition to doubling as the venue Blast n’ Scrap was held in.  

Currently, shows take place in the parking lot of Vindeket Foods, as Gormley is actively raising money for a new venue space and awaiting approval as a 501-C3. He encourages others to make their own spaces and share their art without relying on “rockstar machismo garbage.” He is open to help members of the community and encourages interested volunteers to reach out to him directly at his Instagram @blastnscrap or email 

Gormley thanks his wife, Kelsey, for sticking by his side, his mom for believing in him, his friends who stood by his sobriety journey, and is grateful for all the people who showed him love and compassion throughout his life.  

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