With Polar Pints coming up this weekend on December 3, we wanted to hear from the amazing breweries that will be featuring their creations on Saturday.

One of those breweries is based in the gorgeous city of Boulder-- Boulder Brewing Company!  Their marketing coordinator, Julie Kovaleski, was nice enough to answer some of our questions about the history of the brewery, Boulder, and-- what else?-- beer.

Q: We’re so excited to have you at Polar Pints Winter Brew Fest.  What kind of beers can we expect to be featured from you guys at the festival?

A: We will be bringing Slope Style Red IPA, Pulp Fusion Blood Orange IPA, Killer Penguin Barleywine and our best seller, Shake Chocolate Porter!

Q: What is your brewing philosophy?  What questions go through your mind before attempting to formulate the perfect beer?

A: Our Brewmaster, David Zuckerman has always told me they try to make very balanced beers. Nothing too extreme in one direction or the other.

Q: How did Boulder Beer get its start?

A: Boulder Beer Company, Colorado’s First Craft Brewery, was established in 1979 by two University of Colorado astrophysics professors. At that time there were only 42 other operating breweries in the country (obviously a lot has changed since then!) They set up their original brewhouse on a friend’s goat farm north of Boulder, then built and moved into our current brewery on Wilderness Place in 1984. We still brew our fresh beers in small 50 barrel batches to give each a distinct, handcrafted flavor, using only the finest ingredients available including Arapahoe Glacier water, 2-row malted barley, specialty yeasts and hops hand-selected annually by our Brewmaster, David Zuckerman.

Q: What makes Boulder the perfect place to brew?

A: Brewing here means we have access to quality ingredients. Since beer is usually 90% or more water, brewing with Colorado water helps to make great beer. Boulder is also home to a diverse population of craft beer lovers! It’s nice to be surrounded by a community that supports the craft beer industry like Boulder does.

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Q: Personally, what is your favorite beer on the menu right now?

A: I’m personally a fan of our Shake Chocolate Porter. I love dark beers and this one satisfies my dark and sweet beer cravings, but our winter seasonal, Slope Style, is a great piney Red IPA. Its malty profile helps to balance the blast of Horizon hops and is a refreshing choice for this time of year. It’s great next to a roaring fire after a long day of winter activities.

Q: As a brewery, what’s your favorite part about featuring your brews at festivals like Polar Pints?  

A: Being able to sample beers to the public and hear feedback is always a great thing. With so much history at Boulder Beer, events like this are a great way to bring a few different beers and show craft beer lovers our diverse portfolio.

Thanks so much to Boulder Brewing Company-- you can catch all their beers this weekend at Polar Pints Winter Brew Festival and grab your tickets at the link below!