Dear Mr./Ms/Mrs. Truck Driver,

Let me start by saying I forgive you for cutting me off on the Wyoming Boulevard, Interstate 25 exit earlier this morning.

Why you felt the need to be in the inside left turn lane and cross all the way over to the outside lane, forcing me darn near into the traffic signal pole, I may never know, but again... you are forgiven.

I'd like you to know that my father (God rest his soul), was an 18-wheeler (semi?) driver for the majority of my life, so I know that turn can be made safely, without taking up both lanes, but for argument's sake, even for a novice truck driver, take the outside lane!

I will take partial responsibility, because I did plan on passing you, but that didn't mean you had to run me off the road. I wasn't speeding or breaking the law (I don't think).

That being said, on behalf of the rest of the early morning traffic that halted on the exit, we also forgive you for going 10 miles per hour, instead of the posted 30 mile per hour speed limit, throughout the single lane of the construction area. While I do understand that it takes semis a greater amount of time to get up to speed and slow down, it seemed to me (and by the faces of the drivers behind me), that you were being a *insert four letter expletive here* just because you could.

I admittedly have some of the worst road rage ever encountered by mankind, so I'm actively doing my part to be better about that. This is my attempt at doing better. Instead of cutting you off, unsafely riding your rear end, swearing at you, flipping you "the bird", or any of the myriad of other evil things I thought about doing, here I am praying for your safety and well being.

I hope you have a blessed day, sir and/or ma'am.


A Considerate Wyoming driver

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