In an effort to reduce the homeless pet population, BISSELL Pet Foundation (BPF) has awarded Animal Friends Alliance a $4,800 grant for spay and neuter procedures at the shelter.

According to the release from Animal Friends Alliance, spay and neuter procedures are the best way to address the root cause of overpopulation and abandoned pets. The reduction of overpopulation frees up space in shelters, giving those animals a better chance at quality care and the ability to be adopted. In turn, reducing the number of euthanized pets.

The $4,800 will fund 160 procedures in preparing them for adoption. Animal Friends Alliance alone has homed over 33,000 cats and dogs since 2006.

Although Animal Friends Alliance spays and neuters animals before sending them to their adoptive homes, BPF founder Cathy Bissell reminds pet owners that they have a responsibility to do so as well if their pet isn't already fixed, saying:

We also strongly encourage all pet owners to be responsible and have their pets sterilized to further ensure healthy pet populations.

Animal Friends Alliance has always set its goals in proactive solutions to prevent pet homelessness. While they only accept a limited amount of pets due to space availability and funding, they ensure every pet is prepared for a loving home and goes to the right forever family.

In 2019 alone, Animal Friends Alliance saw 3,366 cats and dogs adopted. They saw a 97.7% intake to adoption rate for felines and a 97.9% intake to adoption rate for canines.

For anyone interested in donating to funding at Animal Friends Alliance and providing further support beyond BPF's grant allocation, donation is always available online, as well as adoption information and adoptable pets.

For other adoption options, check out these local animal shelters in Fort Collins.

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