2023 is off to a rough start for some, including the food lovers in Colorado who lost another amazing locally-owned and operated restaurant to kick off the new year.

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Another Local Colorado Restaurant Closes Its Doors Permanently

The sad text messages are flying all around our state because we've lost another great local business in Colorado. Sadly, it's become a trend not just in Colorado, but across the country. Local favorites closing up shop and locking the doors for good.

The way local restaurants and shops have had to adjust the way they all do business, in general, has changed so much in the last couple of years. From budget cuts and supply chain issues, to simply not being able to find enough people to staff the needs we have. It's been tricky. It's truly harder than ever to run a local business, and those struggles have cost us another great local restaurant in Colorado.

Local Colorado  BBQ Restaurant Closes Its Doors For Good

We told you last summer about this awesome local BBQ restaurant called Stuboy's BBQ... Sadly, Stuboy's team has announced that it's closed the doors on its local Mom & Pop restaurant. In a post on their official Facebook page, they said:

It's been an amazing 2 years here, but the only constant seems to be change! As we navigate this, please know how much we love our amazing Stuboy's loyal customers. We will be going back to catering for now and will keep you all updated on our next move. Please stop in a few times before the end of the month and continue to follow, share and think of us for all your catering needs


As seen in their post above, the current plan is to keep the catering side hustle rolling, while looking at a potential location for a new restaurant. With real estate as high as it currently is, it might be a while before we get to taste any of Stuboy's delicious BBQ and that's enough to make any local BBQ lover tear up. Fingers crossed for Stu and his family as they continue their journey.

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