Most grown-ups around Colorado and beyond have begged for years and years for McDonald's to bring back this Happy Meal Halloween tradition, and it appears they may have finally listened...

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Are The Halloween Pails Coming Back To Colorado McDonald's Restaurants?

Fall is here and that means Halloween is officially on its way. To most, fall means cooler temps, football, pumpkin spice lattes, hoodies and more. To some though, fall is all about one of the spookiest holidays of all, Halloween! The excitement that this fun holiday creates varies from person to person. Some love it because of the free candy. Others love to decorate their homes and yards. For most though, it gives you the chance to be someone or something else for a night, or multiple nights if you really go crazy on Halloween parties and get togethers. I loved dressing up and getting the free candy as a kid, but now as a parent, I love how much fun my kids have. My girls are almost too cool to trick-or-treat anymore but my son is all about it. One thing he's never gotten to experience though, is the joy of collecting his candy on Halloween night while roaming the streets carrying the most iconic Halloween bucket of all time... The McDonald's Happy Meal Halloween pail.  Here's a reminder of how amazing these are buckets are just in case you've forgotten.

It's being rumored by multiple sources, including Nightmare Nostalgia, that these popular Happy Meal "toys" will be making a comeback for the first time since 2016. While McDonald's has yet to confirm or deny the return of the Halloween Pails, the article from Nightmare Nostalgia posted a photo from an "official corporate calendar" showing that the Halloween Pails Happy Meals will launch on Tuesday October 18th and only be available while supplies last through Monday October 24th. My guess is, like most collectable throwbacks like these, they'd be gone by the first weeks end.

Even if McDonald's has no current plans for this exciting return, maybe the buzz that this "rumor" has created will nudge them in the direction to bring them back anyway. One can hope, right? Happy spooky season!

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