Those contracting COVID-19 in Colorado are younger than you might think.

According to 9News, the national age of those contracting COVID-19 has dropped 15 years in the past few months, proving that the illness doesn't just target just the elderly or the immunocompromised. Government officials think this may be because:

After a couple of months being cooped up at home, the government loosened restrictions and many young people, knowing their chances against the virus, rushed to make something out of this pandemic summer. (Source)

Of course, that applies to Colorado: our beautiful state, with its thousands of hiking trails and numerous national parks and swim beaches, calls out to those who have been quarantining for months. However, that means a lower average age for COVID-19 cases in our state as well.

In early April, the average age of those sick in Colorado was in the upper 40's. According to the latest report from the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment, in July, the average age is 32.

According to 9News, those younger who may be infected often don't show symptoms, and therefore more easily spread it to others.

It's just another reminder to continue wearing your mask and social distancing, and if you feel sick, stay home.

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