A lot of folks get their fuel at King Soopers; it would definitely suck to find you got the wrong fuel as you drove away from the pump.

You have to imagine that SOMEBODY is in big trouble. How does a mix-up even happen? Regardless, it did on December 19, 2019, at King Soopers in Brighton. Folks who thought they were pumping gas into the vehicles got diesel fuel and vice-versa.

According to CBS4 Denver, the costs to fix the problems associated with getting the wrong fuel could range from about $600 for gas engines all the way up to $8,000 on diesel engines.

King Soopers is saying that at least 80 folks have commented that their vehicles have been damaged and they are working to help those customers.

'Merry Christmas, you need a new fuel injector system.' Yeah.

Get more on the 'bad gas' from CBS4 HERE.

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