Bandman Kevo is raising eyebrows with his new tattoos, which include one that reads "White Lives Matter."

On Monday (Nov. 6), tattoo and recording artist Phor shared video of Bandman Kevo getting a detailed leg sleeve full of portraits. The faces include Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Jeff Bezos. Among the faces are the company logos of Tesla, Amazon, Facebook and Kobe Bryant. There is also an ill-formed MAGA hat. On Kevo's ankle are the words "White Lives Matter." According to the caption of the IG Story video, the tattoo session took over 15 hours.

The video of the tattoo has gone viral on social media with many people weighing in on the rapper's choice in ink.

"Bandman Kevo kinda weird. Nigga got his body done. And he got a 'White Lives Matter' tattoo sleeve on his leg. Ionno bout him," one person tweeted.

"So ur telling me this mf bandman kevo got the action figure abs and the most dogshit white lives matter FULL LEG tattoo in less than a week????" another person wrote, referencing Bandman Kevo getting liposuction surgery back in June.

"This 'man' Bandman Kevo got a BBL and a tattoo of Mark Zuckerberg’s face It’s crazy that we even know who some random scammer is anyways. I blame SayCheese for this," someone else added. 

This isn't the first time this year Bandman Kevo has made headlines for a new tattoo. In May, get a portrait of controversial lifestyle coach Kevin Samuels.

See Photos and Video of Bandman Kevo's New Ink and Reactions Below

Bandman Kev WLM Tattoo

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