It's hard to keep a secret, even in a town that's not as small as it used to be. Even though non-disclosure agreements have been signed, it's clear that 'Bar Rescue' is in town.

Earlier in June of 2022, we let you know it appeared that the reality TV show, "Bar Rescue" was in Loveland, "rescuing" CJ's Patio Grill. A lot of people commented that CJ's is more of a regular restaurant as opposed to being a "bar." This time around, will they say the same?

The thing is, you can't say that you'll be closed for a period of time, then have a bunch of trucks and tents set up in your parking lot without people figuring things out. That seems to be the case with this second "rescue" in the Sweetheart City within two weeks.

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Blue Sports Grille, which at one point was called Blue 32, has the tell-tale blue tents and delivery trucks parked outside.

TSM/Dave Jensen

Like I said, a lot of folks thought that "Bar Rescue" coming to makeover CJ's Patio Grill didn't fit, as it's more of a restaurant, than it is a bar. Blue Sports Grille, on the other hand, is definitely more of a bar than it is a restaurant.

"Blue" as it's simply called around town, has been due for a makeover for a while, I think most would agree. Could changing the name of the place be in the plans?  I'm not going to place any bets, but I could see Taffer wanting the place to do so.

Let's go WAY back... Welcome to Miller's Crossing II

Miller's Crossing was the restaurant/bar where Blue Sports Grille is now, before they took over the spot. It's not likely that they'll change the name, but you never know.

I'll keep you posted.

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