While there are many fantastic parks and playgrounds around Colorado, one of the coolest and most unique resides in Northern Colorado. Have you ever been?

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Most Unique Playground In Northern Colorado

I remember as a kid having favorite parks to go play at with my dad and little brother. We had quite a few that we'd frequently visit for one reason or another. One was called the "blue car park" which was named that because it had one of those old spring cars that would rock back and forth, Yes, it was a blue car, hints the name. I was so creative. Another favorite was the rocket park which had a giant three or four-story metal rocket jungle gym. The irony is that I'm now scared of heights after being fearless about heights as a kid. Although we had some awesome parks to visit, I never saw a park as cool as this unique and award-winning park that we have in our own "backyard" in Northern Colorado.

Twin Silo Park in Fort Collins, Colorado

While regionally and even nationally famous, a lot of locals around Northern Colorado haven't experienced or even heard of this amazingly unique park and playground in Fort Collins, Colorado. Built by the City of Fort Collins for an estimated $16 million, the 54-acre park has helped create endless memories and smiles since 2017. Featuring community gardens, paved recreational trails, a BMX park, pickleball courts, a dog park, and a 48-foot slide, the talent in Fort Collins. Here are some awesome pictures of this amazing NoCo destination.

The creative geniuses behind this incredibly unique design knocked it out of the park.

Just a gorgeous park to hang out with the family and play.

The tallest slide in Fort Collins looks like heaven for kiddos.

Tunnels and covered/shaded areas for kids to laugh and play for hours.

It looks amazing, right? My little guy is all about that playground life so we'll be visiting this beautiful NoCo park soon! This awesome video below shows you all of the fun you can have on your visit.

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